Selling things which pertain to the Kingdom of God



When Jesus sent out His twelve disciples to preach the Kingdom of God, to cast evil spirits, to heal the sick and to raise the dead, among other things He said to them: “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8 – NKJV). What do these words mean? They mean that Jesus told His disciples that since they had received freely the Gospel, as well as the power to heal and cast demons and raise the dead, they had to give freely to others what they had received; therefore without charging for their sermons or for their healings or for the resurrection of a dead person, or for the deliverance of a demon possessed person, and so on.

Therefore, according to these words of Jesus, it is sin to sell Bibles, hymnals, teaching books, and tapes. It cannot be otherwise, because if we can’t accept the fact that a pastor charges € 25 or € 50 for a sermon, or € 15 for a prayer on behalf of a sick person, or € 10 for each visit paid to a believer who is sick, in the same way we can’t accept the fact that some believers sell the Bible, and all those things which can help to edify the Church. Therefore, I exhort all those who are still selling Bibles and other things which edify the Church to stop selling them; give everything freely, believing that God will provide you with all the things you and your families need to live and to spread His Word. Instead, I encourage those who give freely to continue to act in this way because this is well pleasing to God. Be strong and don’t be afraid of anything and anybody.