Sects (heresies)



Among the works of the flesh there are also sects or heresies (Galatians 5:20). The Greek word haeresis is translated as ‘sètte’, that is, ‘sects’ in the Italian Bible Riveduta Version, while in the King James Version it is translated as ‘heresies’. For haeresis can be translated also as ‘sect,’ for in the KJV the word ‘sect’ we find in Acts 5:17 is translated from the same Greek word ‘haeresis’ which we find in Galatians 5:20.

What is a sect? A sect is group of people who part from the Church of God and proclaim that they are the only true believers existing on the face of the earth. Very often the sect is founded and ruled by someone who claims to be a very important person. One of the names of these leaders, who are nothing but false ministers of God, is often ‘the messenger of God for the last days’, but there are many other names by which they are called. One thing is evident and sure, he who founds a sect somehow or other thinks that he is the only person who preaches the true Gospel on the face of the earth because usually he claims that he was chosen by God to restore the Gospel or the Church. He expects obedience from his followers, a blind obedience, under pain of eternal perdition. Revelations, prophecies and messages of the ‘head’ of the sect are considered Word of God, even if they nullify the Scripture openly and impudently. Among the revelations, the prophecies and the teachings of those who have founded a sect we find revelations, prophecies and teachings that deny the deity of Christ and sometimes even His humanity, that deny the doctrine of the Trinity, that deny somehow the doctrine of salvation by grace, and we find also commandments according to which men must abstain from certain foods and drinks, and sometimes marriage is forbidden. I have cited the main false revelations, prophecies and teachings which can be found in a sect, but there are many more false revelations, prophecies and teachings that are taught by sects. One of the marks of a sect is greed because on the pretext of carrying on the work of God the founders of the sects extort money from their followers: there are sects that wants their members to give them all their possessions. Life in the sects is a bondage, for the members of the sects are slave of impostors who are the masters and the rulers of the life of the members.

Brothers, if from among you someone rises up who claims to be ‘the prophet of God for the last days’ (and claims he has received special revelations from God, which may concern even the date of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that those who want to be saved must follow him otherwise they will perish), admonish him and expel him from among you because he wants to deceive you and turn you away from the Lord. Admonish those who have been deceived by such a man once, and then admonish them a second time, and after that have nothing to do with them because such men are warped and sinful and are self-condemned (Titus 3:10-11).

Finally, beloved, I tell you this: remember that the Church of God is formed of all those who, apart from the denomination they belong to, have been born again, and thus they are washed and sanctified in the blood of the Lamb. Therefore, see that you are not deceived by sectarian feelings and attitudes existing even among some Pentecostal Churches, according to which somehow or other if you are not with them you are not Christ’s, because such a persuasion does not come from Him who calls you. Let no one deceive you.