Not saying grace in the presence of unbelievers



Brothers, since I know that there are some who think that we who are sons of God must give thanks for the food we are about to eat only when we are at home with other brothers, but we donít need to give thanks for the food when we are together with unbelievers or in the marketplace or somewhere else, I exhort you to expose this way of thinking and doing. Know this, that you must give thanks to God before you eat wherever you are. With regard to this, I remind you that Jesus gave thanks to God for the five loaves and the two fish before five thousand men besides women and children (John 6:11; Matthew 14:19), and that on one occasion Paul gave thanks to God for the food he was about to eat in the presence of more than two hundred unbelieving people (Acts 27:35-37).

Do not be ashamed to give thanks to God for your food in the presence of unbelieving people because this act also is a testimony to them. For it reminds them of the fact that there are some persons on earth who believe that their food is given to them by the God who is in heaven and thus (unlike the unbelieving persons, who donít think at all that the food they eat is given to them by God in His mercy) they give thanks to Him before they eat.