Visions, dreams and revelations



4. I have noticed that although in the Bible are recorded many dreams and visions given by God, and it is written that God speaks through dreams and visions, one hardly ever hears of dreams and visions from the pulpit, or rather very often one hears of the false dreams and visions. Could you tell me why this happens?




This happens because many of those who stand behind the pulpit actually dont believe that God can speak or speaks through dreams and visions today. Certainly the devil still can speak or speaks through dreams and visions, for sure he still can deceive or deceives many souls giving them counterfeit dreams and visions; but God no longer speaks through dreams and visions to edify, to comfort, to teach and to rebuke, etc.!!! As far as signs and wonders are concerned, many preachers say the same thing, that is, the devil still does signs and wonders through his ministers, while God has ceased doing signs and wonders through His servants!!!

Therefore, those who hear these pastors or teachers get hold of the idea that whenever somebody says that God has spoken to him in a dream or in a vision, he is out of his mind or he has been deceived by the old serpent.

Many who claim to be Christians dont believe in some parts of the Word of God! I have noticed that wizards and witches and Satanists trust in their books full of lies and do not question any of the things written on them, whereas many Christians dont believe some of the things written in the Bible, which is the Word of the only true God who cannot lie!!!

Unfortunately this is the sad reality. If you ask a Satanist, Do you believe Satan your master can appear to you in a dream or in a vision and speak to you?, do you know what he will answer you? He will reply, Of course, I believe it!. Instead, if you ask some believers, Do you believe God can speak to you through dreams and visions? they will answer you, I dont believe such a thing, because God has ceased acting that way, we have got the Bible and God only speaks to us through it!

And in the meantime the devil is glad to see people who disbelieve that God can speak or speaks to people through dreams and visions!