3. I would like to know from you how to start a discussion with Jehovahís Witnesses, since I am going to meet some former Witnesses.



It is not easy for me to answer you question, because there is not a particular rule we must follow when we talk with former Jehovahís Witnesses (from your words I deduce that you are going to talk with some persons who are no longer Jehovahís Witnesses). However, I can give you a few hints on how to start a discussion with them.

First of all, you must bear in mind that the people you are going to talk to are sinners who need to be saved, therefore the first thing you should proclaim to them is Christ and Him crucified and the way of salvation, that is, the faith in Christ as the only means by which a man can obtain Godís salvation. Jehovahís Witnesses have not tasted the goodness of God, they donít know what it means to be saved, they donít know what it means to have eternal life, thatís why you must explain to them what it means to be saved, the reason why you are sure that you have eternal life and thus why you have the assurance that when you die you will go to heaven to be with the Lord. And obviously, I advise you to tell them your personal testimony, that is, the story of your conversion: how you called upon the Lord so that He might save your soul, and how He saved you, forgave you, and gave you eternal life. Insist very much on the forgiveness of sins by faith in Christ, and on the fact that salvation is a free gift of God. Speak to them of Jesus Christ in a living and persuasive way; when these people were Jehovahís Witnesses they heard their leaders speak of Jesus in a Ďdeadí way because their leaders were dead in their sins.

Furthermore, since these people were Jehovahís Witnesses, you will do well to refute the teachings of the Watchtower. They could ask you some questions about the doctrines of the Jehovahís Witnesses, so you should know them and how to refute them through the Holy Scriptures. Remember that the Jehovahís Witnesses know very well their false doctrines, so you should know very well the doctrines of the Bible in order to be able to refute their heresies. If you are not able to refute their false doctrines, they will notice it immediately.

Brother, one last advice (but not less important than the others): pray to God that He may enable you to speak with all boldness, and with wisdom and love, to these souls; because only by Godís help we can proclaim efficaciously the Gospel of the grace of God to sinners.