2. Why do we hear preachers speak of hell so rarely?



Because many preachers do not believe that hell is real, and some of those who believe that hell is real donít think that it is a place so much awful!! Why then should they warn sinners of a place which is not real or of a place where people donít suffer so much after death? Furthermore, ĎItís time to stop frightening people with this fire, which burns continually in hell! Itís time to stop saying to sinners that in hell the souls of the sinners are enveloped by the flames of fire and gnash their teeth and weep!í some say. ĎThis is a kind of preaching which was good during the Middle Ages!í, and furthermore, ĎGod has called us to preach the Gospel and not hell to the lost!í they continue.

No, I donít think at all that we need to stop telling sinners solemnly that if they refuse to repent of their sins and believe in Jesus Christ they will go to hell after death, where they will weep and gnash their teeth because of the awful sufferings caused by the fire which burns in it; because the rejection of the Gospel, as well as the acceptance of it, carries eternal consequences for individuals. If he who accepts the Gospel receives eternal life and when he dies he will go to heaven to enjoy plenty of peace and joy, it is evident that he who rejects the Gospel must head for an awful and terrible afterlife, where pains and sufferings are much more severe than the pains and the sufferings a human being may suffer in this world. Thatís why, concerning the destiny of sinners, Jesus taught that where sinners go after death there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

However, these words of Jesus frighten sinners and today even many who believe that hell is real prefer not to quote them lest they frighten people. But these believers have forgotten that the Gospel has saved us not only from sin but also from perdition or the fire of hell, therefore it is a right thing to proclaim that those who reject the Gospel will not escape the fire of hell.