Men and women in the Bible



9. Genesis 4:17 (And Cain knew his wife Ö) Who were the parents of Cainís wife? Whatís her name? Could she be the daughter of Eve and the sons of God we find in Genesis 6:2? Why does the Bible mention only the three sons of Adam?



We suppose Cainís wife was one of the daughters of Adam, as it is written that ďhe had sons and daughtersĒ (Genesis 5:4 Ė NKJV). We donít know her name because the Scripture does not mention it. By saying that Cainís wife was one of Adamís daughters, I exclude therefore that she was born of the union of Eve with the sons of God, which union I think never took place. I believe that some sons of God (that is, angels of God) had sexual relations with some daughters of men (Genesis 6:1-3), but Eve was not among the daughters of men because she was made by God from the rib He had taken from the man (Genesis 2:21-23). In other words, Eve could not be one of the daughters of men because she did not come into existence like the other women did, that is, of the union of a man with a woman, but in another way.

You ask me why the Bible mentions only the three sons of Adam; first let me say to you that Adam did not have only three sons (Cain, Abel and Seth) because he begot other sons, and secondly that I donít know why God wanted only the names of those sons of Adam to be mentioned.