5. Are all the Jews waiting for the Messiah? And what will the Messiah do when he comes?




No, not all the Jews are waiting for the coming of the Messiah.

Those who are waiting for the Messiah are the Orthodox and the Ultra Orthodox Jews, that is, those Jews who are the most devoted to the Torah and the tradition. The twelfth article of faith written by the Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides (1136-1204), whose writings are still much appreciated among Orthodox Jews (however, some Orthodox Jews reject them because Maimonides denied some of the Jewish doctrines), reads: ĎI believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah, and though he tarry, I will wait daily for his coming.í This article of faith was repeated aloud by many Jews during the Nazi regime during the Second World War as they were brought to the gas chambers to be put to death.

On the contrary, the Reformed Jews, the Liberal Jews and many others have forsaken the hope for a personal Messiah and they have substituted it with the hope for a messianic age built by men without the intervention of an anointed of God. In other words, according to these Jews the messianic age will not be established by a messiah, because it will be the result of the cooperation of all men who must collaborate in order to establish the universal brotherhood, peace, justice and the truth upon the earth. However, it must be said that even among the Orthodox Jews there are some who do not believe in the coming of a personal Messiah.

Among the Jews there is another view concerning the Messiah which excludes the coming of a personal Messiah. According to this view, the Messiah is the people of Israel, the Servant of the Lord. As he accomplishes the mission given to him by God, that is, as he brings the kingdom of justice and peace on the earth, he suffers because of menís opposition. Thatís how the past and present sufferings of the Jews are explained. In other words, the Jews are still suffering for the redemption of the Gentiles.

Now I want to tell you very briefly what the Jews say about the Messiah who is still to come. He will descend from the house of David of Bethlehem, and will be sent by God at the end of times to initiate the final redemption. However, the Messiah of the house of David will be preceded by another messiah, who belongs to the house of Joseph, who will lead the armies of Israel against God and Magog, but he will be killed during the war that will break out. The Messiah of the house of David will eventually destroy the evil forces and with the help of the prophet Elijah he will guide the gathering of the exiles. During the reign of the Messiah, the prince of peace, the resurrection of the dead will take place and the resurrection will be followed by the great day of judgement.