Jesus Christ



14. Is it true that Jesus Christ went to India to learn the Hindu philosophy?




No, it isn’t, because according to this theory, between twelve and thirty years of age, that is, during those years about which the Bible doesn’t tell any particular event of His life – if we exclude the incident of the temple when Joseph and Mary found Jesus sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions (Luke 2:41-50) -, Jesus went to India to visit some ‘teachers’ (called yogi) to learn their philosophy and then He taught His disciples that philosophy; while Jesus in all His teachings never mentioned Hindu doctrines such as pantheism (the doctrine which says that all is God) and reincarnation (the doctrine which says that when a man dies his soul is reincarnated into another human being or into a beast), which are the best known doctrines of the Hindu philosophy. Jesus clearly taught that God is a person, who is separate from the creation (therefore man is not God or part of God, as the Hindu ‘gurus’ claim) for He called heaven ‘God’s throne’ and the earth ‘His footstool’ (Matthew 5:34-35); and that man is not reincarnated into a beast or another human being after death but he goes either to Hades or to a place of comfort (Luke 16:19-31. I would like you to bear in mind that before the resurrection of Jesus this place of comfort was the bosom of Abraham, but since His resurrection it is paradise in heaven, Ephesians 4:8-10) depending upon his spiritual state at death. Therefore, if he dies in his sins he will go to Hades, which is a place of torment, while if he dies in Christ (that is, forgiven of his sins) he will go to paradise. If Jesus had gone to India to learn the Hindu philosophy he certainly would have taught it, but in His teachings He never hinted at it. Therefore Jesus Christ, in the light of what He taught and of His way of life, did not go to India during His youth.

Nowadays there are many western young people who go to India at the feet of the ‘gurus’ to learn their doctrine, and when they return to their native countries they begin to spread the doctrines that they learned in India. Therefore, the fact that Jesus Christ never mentioned Hindu doctrines means that He had never learned them during that period of His life (from twelve to thirty years of age), either in India or in Israel.

The Scripture says about the spiritual growth of Jesus during that period of His life that He “increased in wisdom” (Luke 2:52) and that He was “filled with wisdom” (Luke 2:40 – NIV). Of course, that happened by the power of His God and Father who at that time was preparing Him for the ministry He began when He was about thirty years old.

The teachings of Jesus are sound, without impurities and falsehood, while the teachings of the so called Hindu gurus are corrupted, false and full of lies. The teachings of Jesus edify, while the teachings of the gurus destroy; the teachings of Jesus deliver men from sin, while the teachings of the gurus keep men chained to sin because they were conceived by the devil, who wants men to be slaves of sin.

The word of Christ is a light that shines in this world, it is a light that enlightens darkness and makes it disappear from the mind of man when it is accepted by faith, while the word of the gurus is darkness, pitch dark, there is no light in it, it doesn’t enlighten the mind of those who receive it.

I will say something else: the Hindu philosophy is able to make demons enter those who accept it, for yoga, transcendental meditation (TM) and all the other practices of meditation which are based on the Hindu philosophy are nothing but means by which the devil makes demons enter the body of those who practice them. And when demons get men under control, strange and incomprehensible things, even signs and wonders, begin to happen, but above all the person who becomes demon-possessed goes from bad to worse because demon possession leads people to destruction. And a demon-possessed man can be set free only through the name of Jesus Christ, for demons come out of the body of those in whom they dwell and manifest themselves only when they are rebuked and cast out in the name of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, I exhort all those who in one way or another are in touch with people who are devoted to the Hindu philosophy to reject it because it is of the devil. Refute it through the Word of God.