Jesus Christ



13. Donít you think that the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is a myth invented by some of His disciples to honour their master, a kind of myth that was typical of the old Hellenistic world?



No, we donít think so at all, for we believe that the story of the conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit in the womb of his mother Mary (thus Jesus was not conceived by Joseph, the husband of Mary) is a true story, a story whose details are all true, not even one detail of this story was invented. We say this because we have accepted the words of Matthew, of Luke and of the prophet Isaiah as the Word of God and not as the word of men. Furthermore, there are very good reasons to believe the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

First of all, Jesus Christ had to be born of a virgin in order not to be born in sin, so that He might bear all our sins. Because, since Jesus Christ was the Lamb of God foreordained by God before the foundation of the world to make atonement for our sins, He could not be conceived in sin, for He had to be pure. Therefore His virgin birth is part of that glorious plan prepared down to the last detail by the living God, which was fulfilled by God in the fullness of the time for the salvation of men from their sins. And then our God is the Almighty, so with Him such a thing was not impossible. There is nothing too hard for our God; in six days He created the heavens, the earth and the things which are in them; He divided a sea and had a nation walk through it, and He caused a dumb donkey to speak with manís voice to rebuke a prophet, - just to mention some of His powerful works recorded in the Bible.

So we believe that God caused Mary (who at that time was the fiancťe of Joseph) to become pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and afterward He caused her to give birth to a son who was called Jesus.

To God be the glory now and forever. Amen.