Jesus Christ



8. If Jesus was God, why did He say to the rich young ruler: “Why callest thou me good? There is none good, but one, that is, God”?



All those who deny the Deity of Jesus cite these words to support their false doctrine, among them are the Jews who don’t believe in Jesus Christ. Therefore, let me explain the above mentioned passage in order to show you that it does not deny the Deity of Jesus Christ.

Now, if we look into these words Jesus spoke to that rich young ruler, we will notice that Jesus did not rebuke that man, for He did not say to him: ‘Don’t call me good, because only My Father (or only God) is good’, but He simply asked him why he called Him good. However, the Scripture doesn’t say that the rich answered that question Jesus put to him.

Furthermore, it must be said that the rich young ruler was not a disciple of the Lord nor did he become one of His disciples after Jesus answered his question.

Instead, the matter is different for us who are disciples of Christ, because we know the reason why we call Jesus “Good Master”. The reason is this: because He is one with the Father, and thus He is God. Therefore Jesus would not put such a question to us, and even if He put it to us, our prompt reply would be: ‘Because You are One with the Father.’

Therefore, those words that Jesus spoke to that man do not prove at all that He is not God.