2. What are the things offered to idols we must abstain from (Acts 15:29)?




They are all those foods and drinks which are consecrated or dedicated or offered in sacrifice to idols (statues or pictures representing beasts of the field, trees, human beings and also heavenly beings). For instance, Hare Krishna the members of an eastern movement with Hindu roots, who are very famous in Western Countries because they are dressed in orange and go out to the public chanting and distributing literature - before eating they are used to offering their food to their god Krishna with love and devotion in order to receive it freely from their god itself and they have the habit of doing this even with the food that they give freely to those who go to visit them. Therefore, their foods are among the foods polluted by idols. In certain remote parts of the earth there are some people who sacrifice animals to their gods; Christians should abstain from these foods also. Then here in Italy there are many Roman Catholics who on some particular occasions prepare some foods (especially sweets) to honour their favourite idol (that is, their so called patron saint); these things also are polluted by idols and thus we must abstain from them.

We must abstain from these foods because actually they are consecrated and offered to demons and not to God, and the Scripture commands us not to have fellowship with demons (1 Corinthians 10:20) lest we provoke the Lord our God to jealousy and incur His punishment as the Israelites incurred His punishment while in the wilderness, for they were deceived by the women of Moab into eating the sacrifices of their gods and bowing down to their gods (Numbers 25:1-5).