1. Are there any other human beings like us on the other planets?




No other planet with life on it has been discovered yet, and we are sure it will never be discovered because the Word of God denies the existence of other inhabited planets. According to the biblical account of the creation of the heavens, the earth and all things which are in them, God made man on this earth alone, putting him in the Garden of Eden which was in the East.

How do we explain then all those apparitions of the so called extraterrestrials that some people affirm they have seen? I just say that those apparitions are satanic manifestations in which some evil spirits disguise themselves as extraterrestrials in order to deceive people (evil spirits deceive those who consult the dead by disguising themselves as their parents, sons, daughters etc. and mimicking their voice, so we are not surprised by the fact that they deceive people by disguising themselves as extraterrestrials also).

The satanic origin of these extraterrestrials apparitions is confirmed by the fact that these so called extraterrestrials urge people to disobey God. For instance, the Raelian Movement (which is an ufological movement) which was founded by a man who claims that in 1973 and 1975 saw some extraterrestrials, teaches that there is no God, no soul, no paradise, and no hell; that marriage is useless, that there is plain sexual freedom, everything is permitted. Furthermore, the so called ‘contacted people’ are involved in spiritism (they practice spiritism by using a particular medallion) because this is the means by which they claim they can communicate with these extraterrestrial beings! There is no need to comment on these things, they speak for themselves.