21. Can we as Christians help our loved ones who have died in their sins?




No, we cannot help them, because they are in hell, in this terrible place of torment, where they are weeping and gnashing their teeth. And in this place they canít receive any help from us, so we canít help them to be saved, nor can we relieve their sufferings through prayers or alms. Such a thing is impossible to us; they were lost before their death (for they did not believe in Jesus) and they will be forever lost after their death. When they rise again, they will be judged according to their works and they will be cast into the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. There is no more hope for them.

We can help sinners only while they are still alive. How? By preaching to them the cross, that is, salvation by grace through faith in Christ, and by exhorting them to repent of their sins and to believe on Jesus. If they accept our words, then they will be saved; but if they reject them, after death they will suffer terrible pains forever. Their blood will be upon their own heads: we are clean.