Exercise n 8



1. What office was held by Sergius Paulus on the island of Cyprus, who believed on the Lord?


2. What is the name of that woman who worshiped God, of whom the Scripture says that "the Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul"?


3. What king said to Paul: "You almost persuade me to become a Christian"?


4. How many men did Cornelius send to Joppa to get Simon Peter?


5. When Jesus appeared to His disciples at the sea of Tiberias, He commanded them to cast the net: on which side of the boat?


6. According to the gospel of John, when the disciples did what the Lord had commanded them, how many large fish did the disciples caught?


7. After Jesus rose again, how many times did He ask Peter: "Do you love Me?" ?






1. the proconsular office



2. Lydia


3. Agrippa


4. Three



5. Right side



6. one hundred and fifty-three



7. Three