6. Jesus Christ and His teachings


1. Why did the Jews persecute Jesus and seek to kill Him?

a) Because He ate with tax-collettors and sinners

b) Because He taught the Jews to eat with unwashed hands

c) Because He healed the sick on the Sabbath and said that God was His Father


2. How did Jesus call king Herod?

a) Fox

b) Dog

c) Serpent


3. How many loaves and fish did Jesus multiply the first time?

a) Five loaves and two fish

b) Four loaves and three fish

c) Seven loaves and a few fish


4. Which of these disciples Jesus commanded to come to Him on the water of the sea of Galilee?

a) Peter

b) John

c) Andrew


5. The Scripture states that two prophets appeared in glory on the holy mountain and talked with Jesus: what are their names?

a) Moses and Elijah

b) Moses and Elisha

c) Isaiah and Elijah


6. Whom did Jesus send to the sea, to cast in a hook and take the fish that would come up first?

a) Peter

b) Matthew

c) John


7. Jesus spoke to the multitudes in parables that it might be fulfilled what was spoken by one of the prophets of old: what was the name of that prophet?

a) Asaph

b) Micah

c) Ezekiel






1. (c)

2. (a)

3. (a)

4. (a)

5. (a)

6. (a)

7. (a)